What is Afrikrea?

Afrikrea connects people looking for goods "Made of Africa" with independent sellers around the world.

When you shop on Afrikrea.com, you can choose from more than 40 000 African-inspired items, created by more than 2 500 independent sellers. 

Who are Afrikrea sellers ?

Afrikrea sellers are independent creators, entrepreneurs, and craftsman. They specialize in African clothing, accessories, arts, cosmetics, and food, among other things. 

There is no Afrikrea warehouse. When you shop on Afrikrea, you are directly supporting independent sellers who manage their own orders and inventory. 

How to shop on Afrikrea ?

Shopping on Afrikrea is similar to shopping on any other website. However, instead of buying from the company Afrikrea, you are buying from independent sellers. 

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