How to return or exchange an item on Afrikrea?

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  • 1.    Return policies
  • 2.    Return process on Afrikrea
  • 3.    Different refund cases       

1- Return policies on Afrikrea

You have 14 days following the reception of the order to make a return. This time frame is in accordance with the Hammon Law and European laws related to consumers.

Returns fees are on you unless it is a return of a non-compliant product.

A product is non-compliant if you bring proofs that:
- the product arrived damaged
- the product is defective
- the color is different from the product pictures
- the product is different from the pictures
- the fabric and other elements described are different from reality (it says silk but it is not true)
- for custom-made products, if the measurements are not confirmed before shipping.

For the return of a non-compliant product, the fees are on the seller and the buyer is fully refunded.

2- Return process on Afrikrea

To ask for a return or an exchange, please contact the seller:

1- Log in to Afrikrea account

2- Click on “Purchases”

3- Select the concerned order

4- Go to the concerned order and click on “contact the seller”

5- Let the seller know that you would like to return or exchange the order by specifying the reasons of the return. Don’t forget to ask for a return address.

Once the return is accepted, you just need to send back the order, in its original state, to the address given to you. We highly recommend you to inform the seller when the package is sent back and provide him with a tracking number for him to follow the progress of the return.

When the order is received by the seller or 15 days following the order send back date, you are refunded in your wallet in a case of cancellation. You can transfer the funds to your bank or PayPal account, or use it to make other purchases.

In case of an exchange, the seller will send you a new order once he receives the other one.

If the seller does not answer me

If the seller does not respond to your request of returning the order, contact us. We will contact the seller and we will provide you a return address by default.

After the 14 days’ time

After this time, it’s the seller’s general terms and conditions that are applicable. Creators are not obliged to accept a return or an exchange unless it is stated otherwise in their general terms and conditions.

Creator’s general terms and conditions are displayed at the section “delivery, terms and conditions” on the product page or the creator shop.

3- Different refund cases

Summary table of different refund cases

Case Total order Total order- delivery fees Total order + return fees According to seller's general terms and conditions
Order "To ship" *      
Order shipped without tracking number or sending proof *      
order shipped with tracking number or sending proof : tracking number shows no progression and no news *      
In case of package refusal due to customs fees *      
Customer specifies a date of delivery from order creation and the date has passed *      
Order received : return request made before 15 days after delivery , product is compliant and non-defective   *    
Order received : return request made before 15 days after delivery , product is non-compliant or is defective(customer proof)     *  
Order received: return request made after 15 days of delivery. Product is compliant and non-defective       *

In any case , don’t hesitate to contact the seller if you are not satisfied with your order.

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