Refund policy

Refunds are systematically made to your ANKA wallet. You can then choose to use the funds to place a new order, or transfer them from your online space to the payment method of your choice: bank account, PayPal, Orange Money, Payoneer or M-PESA. Please find the following link which will show you how to Make a transfer from my ANKA wallet

If the order has not yet been shipped, its cancellation will automatically result in a refund of the total amount of the purchase (including shipping costs and customs fees).

There is a unique case under which a customer can ask for a refund of the return shipping costs: if the product is not conform. In this case, the seller will pay for the return shipping costs. 

A product is considered as non-conform if it meets one of the following conditions:

- the product arrived damaged

- there is a manufacturing defect

- the colour/fabric is different from the one of the product shown in the picture on the website

- the product is not the same as the one presented on the website

- the materials and other descriptive elements are different from reality

- for a custom-made product, if the measurements have not been confirmed before shipping

The table below, present in the sellers' charter, summarizes the different types of cases of refund of an order:

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