Make a transfer from Afrikrea Wallet


Access to your transfer from your Afrikrea wallet

The virtual wallet is where  the user's monetary transaction is done.

Buyers do their transactions by bank card or via their Afrikrea wallet. Afrikrea gets the buyer’s payment after an order is placed. Then the money is transferred to the seller’s wallet.

You can access to your wallet by going to your account and click on the “Wallet” menu.


You will find the following information:

  • Transactions: Object of the transaction done in the account. Sales credits are sales and sales commission. Sales commission are taken by Afrikrea for each sale. Buyer's cancelled orders and refunds are found there.
  • Date: the date of the transaction. The transaction exact hour can be known by placing the cursor on the date.
  • Amount: the total of the purchase
  • Balance: The balance of the seller's wallet after a transaction 

To make a transfer, click on "Transfer"

Then "Make a transfer"

Mobile view

Chose the type of transfer that suits you:

  1. European Bank account: Bank account in Europe
  2. International Bank account: Bank accounts outside of Europe
  3. Paypal: For sellers and customers that have a valid Paypal account
  4. Western Union: For sellers and customers based in Africa who do not have a bank account

Transfer to an European bank account

Only SEPA zone account holders can fill up this form. It should be filled with your IBAN information.

The transfers are free and are validated every wednesday. A transfer request submitted on wednesday is validated the following  wednesday. We therefore invite you to do it before wednesday if possible. Reception time is between 02 to 05 days depending on your bank.

Internationnal bank account : out of Europe

This kind of transfer is only for bank accounts outside SEPA zone, meaning the rest of the world . It is important to provide the right information for the transfer.

Possible transfer fees can be applied to the amount transferred. They are validated every Wednesday. A transfer request submitted on Wednesday is validated the following  Wednesday. We therefore invite you to do it before Wednesday if possible. Reception time is between 2 to 5 days depending on your bank.

Paypal transfers

It is possible to make a transfer to you paypal account. You just need to provide your Paypal account  email address in order to do the transfer.

Transfers are done every wednesday. A fee of 2% of the amount + a Paypal fee of 2,75% are applied. A transfer request submitted on wednesday is validated the following  wednesday. We therefore invite you to do it before wednesday if possible.

Western Union transfers

For sellers and buyers living in Africa and don't have an account. Western UnionTransfers can take up to 10 days after the request. The fees are 15€ besides Western Union fees. The informations provided must match the informations on the ID card that will used for withdrawal. When the transfer is done, the Western Union receipt and the withdrawal informations are given to you.

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