Acceptable methods of payment

You can choose between 4 ways to pay on Afrikrea:

Credit card

Only the following bank cards are accepted: Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, Blue Card, American Express. Debit cards are not accepted. There is no fee for this method of payment.


This method works for those who have a Paypal account. There is a 3% fee applied by Paypal.

Virtual Wallet

You can use the available funds in your wallet to make other purchases. There is no fee for this method of payment. If you have insuffisant funds, you can make a transfer to your wallet at any time or chose a mixte payment.

Mix payment (wallet + credit card payment)

When you have insuffisant funds in your wallet to make the purchase, it is possible to complete the payment with a credit card payment.

3 times payment 

From 60 euros, you can chose a 3 times payment option. In this case the payment is done as follow:

  • At the check out, you need to pay 1/3 of the total, the shipping fees and the 3 times payment fees (10% of the total amount).
  • 30 days after your purchase, the second 1/3 is withdrawn 
  • 60 days after your purchase, the third 1/3 is withdrawn 

Here is an example

On October 22nd, you make a purchase of 120€ with a 10€ shipping fees.

  • On October 22nd you are charged 62€ (1/3 de 120€ = 40€  + 10% de 130€ = 3 times payment fees of 13€ + 10€ of shipping fees.
  • On November 22nd , you will be charged 40€ that is 2/3 of 120€ 
  • On December 22nd , you will be charged 40€, the balance of the order

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