How to Register your IBAN

How to register my IBAN

The registration of the IBAN is done at the time of the first transfer, following the procedure below:

1. To do so, kindly go to the "Wallet" tab in the menu bar of your Anka account and click on "Withdrawal".

2. Then click on "Manage payment methods".

3. Then you just have to choose between "European bank account" (account opened in one of the 

member states of the European Union) or "International bank account" (account outside the Euro zone)

4. And fill in your IBAN followed by additional information in the fields provided for this purpose, namely the swift code, the name of the bank, the city and the country of the bank.

5. For the international bank account, please follow the detailed instructions below:

6. Choose the international bank account.

7. Then correctly fill in the fields provided for this purpose.

In case the bank of your choice is the Nigerian international bank account, kindly select it as you fill the provided spaces with the requested details.

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