Payouts processing time and fees

In Afrikrea payouts requests are processed on Wednesdays for European accounts, international accounts and Paypal.
  • The requests should be done before Wednesday and it is validated the same week.
  • A request done on a Wednesday will be validated on the following Wednesday. We therefore invite you to do it before Wednesday if possible.
  • Funds are received 3 to 10 working days after validation depending on your bank.

Passed this time, please contact us for assistance here.


  • For all transfers from the Afrikrea wallet, the minimum amount is 3.51 euros.
  • For all transfers to the Afrikrea wallet, the minimum amount is 1.5 euros.

Payout fees:

The fees vary according to the type of transfer you choose. You can choose between:

Payout to an European bank account

The SEPA transfer is free. Only SEPA zone account holders can fill up this form. It should be filled with your IBAN information.

International Bank account: outside Europe

This kind of transfer is only for bank accounts outside SEPA zone, meaning the rest of the world . It is important to provide the right information for the transfer.  

Possible transfer fees can be applied to the amount transferred. 

Paypal payout

It is possible to make a transfer to you Paypal account. You just need to provide the correct email address of your Paypal account in order to do the transfer.  A fee of 2% of the amount + 2,75 euros is applied. 

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