I cannot find the refund in my wallet

3 times payments refund

A purchase is composed of several orders. The number of orders depend on the number of designers you ordered from.

An order can be cancelled in a purchase that has many orders. If you opted for the 3 times payment, the cancelled order funds are deducted from your upcoming payments instead of being credited in your wallet.

For instance:

On June 22 you made a purchase to 4 shops for a total of €125, which is €40 + €40 + €10 + €35. 

Depending on the type of payment you chose, you paid €53 on that day. You have 2 upcoming payments of €36 on July 22 and €36 on August 22.

You have one cancelled order of €40, the refund is deducted from your upcoming payments. Thus, you have €32 to pay on July 22, and no more upcoming payments.

Your order is cancelled but you cannot see the refund in your wallet

If you cannot see the refund of your cancelled order, it is certainly deducted from your upcoming payments.

You can check in the order in question :

1. In the “purchase” tab in your account, select the cancelled order

2. Check the method of payment chosen, shown on “payment type”

3. Check the amount of the refund that will be deducted from your upcoming payments, in the conversation by clicking on “contact the seller”.

If you would like to see all yours upcoming payments, go to the “wallet” tab and click on “upcoming debits”.

Classical refund: for a one-time payment order

If it is a classical reimbursement, start by checking if the order is cancelled or if it is partially refunded. Go to the “Purchases” tab in your account and check if a refund is made as shown above.

If a refund is done and you cannot see it in your Afrikrea wallet, please contact us by sending us a mail at [email protected]

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