To verify before shipping with DHL

To get access the DHL partnership,  you must be registered on Afrikrea and connect to your shop space.

Weight of the package

Indicate the superior denomination 

When you fill in the weight of the package, indicate the superior denomination if the weight is between 2 denominations.


  • Your package weighs 1.7kgs you must automatically list the weight as 2kgs.
  • Your package weighs 0.6kgs you must automatically list the weight as 1kg.

Volumetric weight

DHL often uses the volumetric weight to determine the weight of a package, the larger the packaging, the higher the weight. The calculation formula is as follows: (length x width x height) / 5000 per package. 

So bags, tote bags, flyers (packaging supplied by DHL) should be favored as packaging.

To avoid custom fees

We advise to put a declared value of 10€ maximum for parcels to France. On the other hand, you are not immune to the value of your package being reassessed at customs.

For other destinations this is not important as the customs thresholds are higher. Currently, the VAT threshold in France is at 22€ while in the USA it is 800$.

If you get an error message when trying to generate your shipping label, check the following article: I'm not able to generate my DHL label


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