Buyer's protection

Afrikrea is a trusted third party. When you make a purchase, we hold the funds until you confirm reception of your order (through the rating email sent to you), or a month after its shipping.

Rest assured that if you don’t get your order, we will proceed to a full refund. If need be, we will refund you out of our pocket (it happens in some cases).

We also guarantee  full refund of orders returned within 14 days as long as the item is not used or damaged. When returning a product, make sure you provide a tracking number to the seller in the order chat section. That allows us and the seller to track the package and fully reimburse you.

When returning a product, be sure to provide a tracking number to the seller in the "Purchase" section of the order. Then click on "ship" and enter the tracking number for the returned item. Once this is completed please click "submit" to complete the process of returning your item to the seller.

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