Authorized products

Afrikrea reserves the right to disable a product that is not authorized or that is reported as copied or plagiarized. If that happens many times with the same designer, his shop can be disabled. You will find below the product acceptance policy on our website.

1- Non authorized products

  • Products with poor quality pictures
  • Prohibited products defined in the General Terms and Conditions
  • Fashion , art and craft products that are inspired from Africa as requested by Afrikrea

2- Africa inspired products

A product is considered inspired of Africa if it meets the following criteria:

  • A product made of new or used African material: fabrics, beads, designs or other component of the product.
  • With a message or meaning clearly linked to Africa or Afro culture
  • Any product Afrikrea accept as an African inspired product

3- Plagiarism and counterfeit

Copied or plagiarized products detected by Afrikrea will be automatically disabled. If it happens many times with the same designer, his shop can be disabled. You can report any copied or plagiarized product by going to product page and by clicking on “report this product to Afrikrea” right below the “contact the seller” tab.

It is strictly forbidden to use other designers or websites pictures. You should only upload pictures that belong to you.

Please note that it is not allowed to offer identical creative as an existing designer’s.

We urge you to report any non-compliant products of this chart through the link available on the product page right below “contact the seller” tab and before the “rating” tab.

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