Ship with Afrikrea DHL account: Benefits & Rates

We have set up a partnership with DHL to help you as a seller to export more easily. You benefit with this deal reduced rates, depending on the weight and the country of destination.

You also have the option to ship not only your orders, but also those made outside the platform.

Please note that Afrikrea does not receive any commission for this service.

To benefit from this service, you must be registered on Afrikrea and connect to your shop space.

The advantages of shipping with DHL from your Afrikrea space

Save Money

Thanks to the shipping volume generated by all the designers on the platform you can use DHL at a reduced rate.  The more you ship with the Afrikrea DHL account, the more we can negotiate reduced prices, and the more you can save on shipping costs.

It works on all your expeditions

You can ship all your parcels, including those that do not come from orders made on Afrikrea (other sites or physical orders).

Time Saving

In your Afrikrea space, you can  follow all the steps to generate your shipping label. Use the pick up service, a DHL agent can pick up your package wherever you are there will be no need for you to move and you can save your time & dedicate it to sending out your orders.

Simplified tracking of your shipment

Do not waste your time tracking your shipments on different sites, this allows you to track all your DHL shipments from one point. By generating all your shipping slips on Afrikrea you will be able to track not just your shipments abroad but  also your sales on a central platform.

Already Intergrated shipping cost for your shippment.

- Our default "ANKA shipping profiles" are based on DHL prices that we have integrated.  They are updated automatically without the need for you to change them they cover all destinations in the world, including any remote shipping costs, so you are covered effortlessly. 
From the "    Shipping" section of the product file, you have the possibility to use the already set shipping profile to save time. Select the option count me in !  and have at your disposal already set shipping profile for many destinations.

Note that you can actually modify your shipping profile at your wish following this article.

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