How does it work

On Afrikrea, each seller is in charge of his shop, which he creates and manages for € 10 per month with all the tools offered. A commission of only 5 to 8% is taken on each sale.

The designer puts his products online, decides on the price of items and manages the shipments himself. Thanks to our internal messaging system, he can communicate with customers and keep them informed of the status of their orders.

As for buyers, they can order from several different designers, and all their orders are paid at once. Whether they wish to pay in one installment or by deferred payment in three installments, they are also able to request a return or refund at any time, with the guarantee of being satisfied or reimbursed.

As a trusted third party, Afrikrea is not involved in the purchasing process. Above all, we guarantee the reliability of the transactions. We make sure that on one hand, the buyers wear / use their purchases and on the other hand, the sellers are paid once the items are delivered, and that their business grows gradually.

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