Set a fair price based on your items

Setting  a price can be delicate, this is why we have put in place tools allowing you to have elements to help you set your prices, the right prices.

Indeed, even though this step is delicate it is essential to be attractive.

Some recommendations when determining your price:

  • Price of an article (Raw materials + Creation + packaging + margin) / (1- Afrikrea commission)

On average the margin should be 30%, 50% being the maximum.

Compare your prices

You can, using our price comparison, compare the price of a creation compared to the prices charged on a product category. In the same category, you also have the prices offered by 3 top sellers. 

To do this go to “Activity” => “product stats”. All you have to do is select the item you want to compare.this will give you indications on your prices compared to articles of the same category on

Mobile view

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