A step by step sale

A transaction in 4 steps

Step 1: The buyer places the order

Step 2: The seller accepts the order

Step 3: The seller sends the order

Step 4: The buyer receives and evaluates his order

Payment in the wallet

Step 1: The buyer places the order: status “to be accepted”

The buyer places their order, chooses her payment method and receives a confirmation email. They can find the order in their “purchasing” space.

The designer receives a notification indicating the article ordered, as well as the buyers information. He has 48 hours to accept or refuse it, otherwise the order is automatically cancelled and the buyer will be refunded in their Afrikrea wallet.

Step 2: the seller accepts the order: Status “To be shipped”

The designer accepts the order, and prepares the package for shipping. The status is “To be shipped”.

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Step 3: The seller sends the order: Status “Shipped”

The designer sends the order, it is recommended to send it with a tracking number, this is not an obligation but the tracking number serves as proof of dispatch in the event of a dispute.

  • Buyer’s view

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Step 4: Buyers receives and evaluates their order: Status “Completed”

The product is considered received and the buyer can make an assessment of their order, at this point the seller is paid for the order in their ANKA wallet.

There are 2 ways to complete an order.

  1. The buyer acknowledges receipt of the order and leaves (or not) and evaluation
  2. After 30 days without confirmation from the buyer, the order ends automatically 
  3. The order can be manually completed by the Afrikrea team, at the request of the seller, for this, he must provide proof that the package has been delivered
  • Buyer’s view

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Payment in the wallet

When ordering, payment is collected directly by Afrikrea. The seller receives the money in their wallet under certain conditions: 

  • If the designer has the verified seller status, he receives the amount of the receipt in his wallet upon accepting the order
  • If the designer does not have the verifies seller status, he receives the amount of the receipt in wallet when the order is marked as completed

Whatever happens, We can always cancel an order. In case of cancellation the buyer is automatically credited with the amount of his purchase in his Afrikrea wallet.

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