How the ANKA wallet works

When creating your account, a virtual wallet is set up in it. All monetary transactions are done in that wallet. One can decide to make purchases on Afrikrea using his/her Anka wallet as a payment method on which no fees are collected.

Again all refunds upon orders cancellation rejected payment are reverted directly to Your Anka wallet.

To get access to your wallet, kindly go to your "Account" and click on "Wallet" on the menu bar. Your wallet history will be displayed showing all transactions on going in it.

The types of transactions in the ANKA wallet 

A seller can see different types of transactions in his wallet:

  • completed sales.
  • Afrikrea sales commissions 
  • Wallet credit
  • Anka subscriptions
  • some transactions done by Afrikrea 
  • boost packs transactions 
  • Label refunds.
  • DHL overcharges

A buyer can see different types of transactions in his wallet:

  • canceled orders, the refund is done in the wallet 
  • vouchers, commercial gesture,
  • orders payments with the funds of the wallet
  • Transfers to one’s Bank account
  • wallet funds
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