Afrikrea commission rate

The ANKA subscription allows you to open a shop, put items on sale and take advantage of all ANKA services. It will cost you € 10 per month. When an item is sold, a commission of 8% is invoiced by default on the total amount of the sale (shipping costs included)

How to get a commission rate of 5%?

To benefit from the 5% commission, you just need to contribute to the enlargement of the Afrikrea community, by sharing the link of your Afrikrea shop on your social media pages.

  • Add your shop link (ex: "[email protected]") as a website in the "Contact" section of your Facebook page      
  • And/or Instagram
  • You can also add the link to your Afrikrea shop on your personal site.
  • Then contact us with screenshots as proofs.

For your information, when an order is canceled, the commission we have taken is automatically refunded to you. The funds are then transferred to the client's wallet.

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