Check before shipping with DHL

Before starting to use the DHL account, it is imperative to follow certain recommendations which you will find below:

Check that your shipping country is covered by the DHL partnership

 To benefit from the DHL application, make sure that your store is registered in the shipping country open to the DHL partnership. Otherwise, you will not be able to access DHL on your space.

Click here to see the list of countries concerned.

Have enough funds in your wallet

You pay with the balance in your wallet, and complete the purchase of your packing slip.

It is important to have enough money in your wallet before starting the procedure. If you have no more funds, you can credit your portfolio, by going to “Wallet”> “Credit my wallet”. You just have to enter the amount to be credited and select the payment method.

To avoid customs fees
We advise to put a declared value of 10 euros maximum, for the parcels bound for France. However, you are not immune to the value of your package being reassessed at customs.

For other destinations, this is not necessary because the customs thresholds are higher. Indeed, the VAT threshold is 22 euros in France when in the USA it is $ 800.

The customs fees are to be paid by the beneficiary but you can choose to integrate them into the price of the product, which we recommend because the risk is minimal depending on the zones and types of products.

Package weight: indicate the upper edge

When you enter the weight of the package, you must indicate the upper edge if your package is between two edges.


your package weighs 1.7 kg, you must then inform that your package weighs 2kg

your package weighs 0.6 kg, you must then indicate that your package weighs 1 kg

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