Ship Afrikrea orders with our DHL Afrikrea account

To get access the DHL partnership,  you must be registered on ANKA and connect to your shop space.

Before starting the procedure, we recommend that you make certain verifications that you can find by clicking here. Apart from sending your  Afrikrea orders, you can also send orders made outside of the website.

  • Find your “TO SHIP” orders in the “SALES” section and click on “SHIP”
  •  A pop up is displayed with the DHL shipping options, enter the following information to edit your slip :

° The origin of the package is already pre-filled, it is linked to your address

° The country of destination of the package: please choose the country from the drop-down list

° The weight of the package: please enter the weight of the package, with the price grid already inserted into our system, the calculation will done automatically 

° The declared value: To know the value of the parcel we recommend you putting the real value of the package to avoid any blockage or delay at the customs. 

  • When all of this is completed, you can click on “Get price” and see the shipping cost.
  • Continue the operation by clicking on “Address” check that the contact details are correct, then click on “Purchase label” the transport cost will be debited from your ANKA wallet.
  • A pop-up is displayed notifying you that the label has been taken into account with the tracking number of the package, confirm the shipment of the package
  • You will return to the page with the item to be shipped, now click on “Print”
  • Print the documents. These documents are automatically saved, please open them and print the slip and the invoice. The slip is to be stuck on the parcel before sending while the invoice is to be given to the DHL agent when the parcel is being sent.
  • You can find all your delivery slips in “Shipping” > “Shipping labels”
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