How to track your package

The majority of creators on Afrikrea provide a tracking number when they ship orders. When your order is shipped you will receive a notification by email and on the website. Then go to the “Purchases” section of your Afrikrea account:

Then click on your order stated as “Sent”. You will then see the carrier and the number allowing you to track your package.

Copy the tracking number then go to the carrier’s website. You will just need to paste the number in the appropriate field and follow the steps the know the position of your package:

If your order is stated as “shipped” but you do not see the tracking number, the seller might have communicated it with you by message. To verify, click on “Contact seller”.

If you do not see any tracking information in your conversations, do not hesitate to contact the seller asking for more information. But rest assured, some designers ship without a tracking number, often because the price of the item is too low to justify the high cost of a tracked shipment.

Whatever happens do not hesitate to contact the creator for more information.

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