You are wholesaling

We advise you to open a shop on Afrikrea.com, and to offer your products in batches. You can create products specifically for a sale:

For example, if a retailer asks you for a lot of 15 wax pants, you can create a product called "Lot of 15 wax pants", put the price agreed with the retailer, and 1 product in stock. You can then delete this product once the retailer has placed an order.

This allows you to benefit from all the advantages of Afrikrea, such as payment in 3 installments for the customer, the guarantee of being paid, the reduced delivery costs thanks to our DHL partnership etc.

You are a retailer

If you are a retailer, and you want to know if a designer wholesales, we invite you to contact him directly. To do this, go to the store in question, and click on the black "Contact seller" button.

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