The Direct Payment module for wholesale, and sales outside of Afrikrea

What is direct payment?

Direct payment allows you to create unique and customized orders to meet specific requests. This feature allows you to use our secure payment system and operating mode, for all your needs. 

Direct payments are free, we don't take any commission.

You can very easily generate an order, and send the link directly to your client, via Facebook, Whatsapp, email or in Afrikrea messaging. After receiving the link, your client is directed to the payment page. She will be able to pay by credit card or Paypal.

As you'll see below, this can be very useful for wholesales, or if you wish to receive a payment for a sale made outside of Afrikrea, for instance.

Create a direct payment for sales from outside of Afrikrea

1. Go to your account, then to the "Direct payment" tab.

2. Click on "New Direct Payment".

3. You just have to fill in the form, putting as much information as possible, then click on "Create".

Then click on "Copy the link" to copy the link, which you can send to your client by message, on WhatsApp, Messenger, text message, or any other means.

Create a direct payment in a conversation

To do this, you will have to click on the "Create a direct payment" button in the conversation, then fill in the requested informations.

A payment link will then be created. It can be copied and sent by WhatsApp, Messenger, email or any other channel to the concerned person.

The payment

Whether she has an Afrikrea account or not, a buyer who clicks on this link will be sent to a secure payment page on The payment will correspond to the information entered by the seller.

The buyer will only have to enter her informations and confirm the payment.

An order automatically created 

Once the payment has been done, an order, corresponding to the direct payment information, is automatically created. Then the seller just has to process it. An Afrikrea account is created for the buyer, if she didn't have one.

As with other Afrikrea orders, we operate as a trusted third party. We keep the funds until the buyer receives her order. When the latter has confirmed receipt, we transfer the funds to the ANKA wallet of the seller.

You will find more information on how Afrikrea orders work in the following article: A step by step sale.

The following link, will show you in detail, how to sell on your social networks with ANKA:

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