I'm not able to generate my DHL label

If you get an error message while trying to generate your DHL slip, we invite you to carefully check the following:
  • Make sure you have the necessary funds in your wallet.
  • Check your address: feel free to type your own address on Google, to make sure the format is taken into account.
  • Check the recipient's address on Google, paying particular attention to the following details:
- Address line 1 => must not contain additional information (e.g. 2nd floor, apartment no. 4). These elements must be added on line 2. The address must not be more than 30 characters, spaces included, on the 2 lines.
- Zip code / postal code => it must not be a post office box. Check the zip code on Google, format and spaces are very important. Ex: AB167SX -> bad
AB16 7SX -> good

For information, in French-speaking African countries the postal codes are the telephone codes. For example in Ivory Coast it is 00225, in Central Africa 00236 etc. Also, the zip code for Lagos, Nigeria is 100001 and for Abuja it is 900211.

If the postal code doesn't work, please search for the communal code on Google. For zip codes recognized by DHL, communal codes are usually more often used than postal codes. Ex: the town of Sainte Marie de Ré (France) has the postal code 17740. The DHL system does not recognize this postal code, on the other hand, it recognizes the communal code, which is 17360. To find this communal code, simply type " communal code Sainte Marie de Ré "on Google.

Here is a document detailing the formats to be respected for all postal codes of the countries served by DHL: postcode_formats.pdf
- City => check and respect the spelling. Ex: in the United States, some clients write their cities followed by the initials of the state in which the city is located -> "Chicago IL". This format does not work, in the "City" field, you simply have to write "Chicago".

The images below give you an example of how you should fill your form to generate your label.

Then ensure to enter the correct details of the shipping destination as shown below too.

If, despite all these checks, you still cannot generate the slip, we invite you to contact us.

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