Tag my products on Facebook & Instagram

Several steps are required in order to tag your Afrikrea products on Facebook and Instagram: 

  • Create a Facebook Business account
  • Link your Instagram account and Facebook Business account
  • Create the Product Catalog 
  • Verify your Afrikrea shop DNS

Create a Facebook Business account

This step is easy and quick: https://business.facebook.com/overview

Once you’ve created the account, you can add in your Facebook page.

Link your Instagram account and Facebook Business account

Another easy step: in your Instagram account, go to Settings > Account and select “Switch to Business Account”

Create the Product Catalog 

This step will be easier if you use a computer. Log in to your Facebook Business account, and in the top left menu select Catalog Manager.

Click on Create catalog, choose E-commerce then Upload Product Info

The catalog ownership is set to your Business account. The catalog name is up to you (ours is called AFK-Products). Click on Create then close the step. 

Your newly created catalog is visible on the Facebook Business homepage. Click on it, then on the left menu go to Catalog > Data Sources then click on Add products

Select Use bulk upload and hit next. 

Select Scheduled Feed, then Next. In the URL field, paste the following: 


Don’t fill in the optional fields. 

N.B: in the URL, the “myshopname-fb-catalog.csv” segment must be customized to your Afrikrea shop name. For instance, for the website designer.afrikrea.com, the URL is:


If your shop name has a dash or a number (ex: ankara-designer-32.afrikrea.com), they must be included. 

Hit Next, then schedule daily updates. Leave the automatic updates option ticked. 

In the final step, name the source freely (ex: Afrikrea Catalog) and select the currency display. Launch import, and if all went well, your catalog is ready!

Verify your Afrikrea shop DNS 

Your products can now be tagged on Facebook. A final step is required for Instagram. In the top left menu, go to Business Settings

In the left column menu, go to Brand Safety > Domains. Add your Afrikrea shop URL as a new domain and refresh the page.

 Copy the bold text string after the = sign, underlined in green in the screenshot. 

Keep this tab open, and in another one log in to your Afrikrea account. Go to the Shop tab on the left menu and in the Advertise my products section, paste the text string.

N.B : only the section following the = sign must be pasted.

Scroll down to the bottom and save. Wait 5 minutes, go back to the Facebook tab and refresh. Then hit Verify. Again if everything worked well, your DNS is now verified! 

If the button isn't working, go to the right tab Meta-tag Verification and hit Verify.

Tag your Products

On Facebook, whenever you prepare a post or edit an existing one, the option to tag products from your catalog will appear. 

On Instagram, the option can arrive a bit later, usually between 2-7 days after the DNS verification. 

And that’s it! If you have any issue or question during the process, feel free to write at [email protected] and we’ll revert shortly. 

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