How to write your DHL package content description

With the new regulatory rules in the European Union, the Customs Declaration will have to be detailed. Thus now you will have to add more information in the content box before generating your shipping labels. You will have to be specific on what the package contents. 

More information on the content of the package will allow you :

  • Optimize security and safety screening of your package
  • To avoid delay as your packages will not be detained by the Customs
  • To avoid your packages to be shipped back to you

All generics terms will be considered as unacceptable by the Customs. Your packages will face severe delays in the Customs or be shipped back to you.

Few examples of non-acceptables terms to add in the box "package content" :

Textiles > You will have to put : Linen fabric, T-shirts, Wax fabrics

Oil > You will have to put : Mineral oil, Plant oil 

Gifts > You will have to put : Gift card, baby doll, long silver necklace

Clothing > You will have to put : Long dress, short skirt, wool scarf

Accessories > You will have to put : Long gold necklace, silver earrings, wood rings

Cosmetics > You will have to put : body cream, face serum

Hair > You will have to put : human hair long wig, synthetic braid wigs

Food > You will have to put : banana chips, black pepper, mango jam 

An example of the writing of the description of your package content is displayed below.

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