Strengthening customs controls for Europe and the United Kingdom

  • In addition, the declared value of your package must be related and consistent with the content. We advise you to put a declared value similar to your selling price.
  • ICS2 Import Control System (March 2021). Improving the security screening program will require that certain data be sent to EU customs authorities for review and approval - before packages arrive in the exporting country. This concerns shipments from all countries to (or transiting) the European Union, including shipments to Norway and Switzerland.
  • Abolition of de minimum VAT (July 2021). The current amount of 22 euros de minimum of VAT collection will be abolished for imports into the EU resulting in formal customs clearance of these shipments. This concerns shipments from all countries to the European Union.

To compensate for these changes and help you as much as possible, we will integrate the obligation to enter a minimum number of words in the description field. We will provide you with a help tool to fill in the declared value for your convenience.

If your package does not have a detailed and consistent description with the package as well as a declared value in connection with the items, your package will be blocked at customs. We will not refund any package that does not meet both the detailed description and the declared value.

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