How to use your Afrikrea card

You can find all the steps to activate your new card and transfer your money here :

1) How to register your new card

Before you can use your card, you will receive a message that will confirm the registration of your card. From that moment the card is in your name and ready to use.

2) How to activate your internet banking

Go to the following link:, the link in the UBA letter is not the right one.

Then enter your customer ID, then the internet code available in the UBA letter. Then follow the instructions.

3) How to change the UBA card code

  • ATM's option: Go to any ATM with the ATM code present in your letter (code guichet). Follow the instructions and change your four-digit code.
  • Internet banking option: Connect to your UBA internet banking, go to the menu on the left and click on the "change my PIN" menu and follow the instructions.

4) How to fund your card

Fund your ANKA wallet then make a payout request "Payout Afrikrea Card". Then every Wednesday your card will be automatically credited. The fee for this new payout is 2%.

5) Money transfer from wallet to wallet

You can make a wallet-to-wallet money transfer by sending an email to [email protected] with the names of the shops for the transaction. 

Please note that the fees presented here does not include the currency rate.

6) Your Visa card as your new payout method

We have added a new method for your payment. The Afrikrea Visa card. You can use the card at any time and as you wish to use the funds available in your ANKA wallet.

The Visa card is directly linked to your ANKA wallet and allows you to withdraw and or use it to pay directly. 

To have access to your funds you will need to make a payout from your wallet and select the “Afrikrea card” :

When the option "Afrikrea Card" selected you will have to enter the identifiers of your card which will have been assigned to you before with your card.

The payout to your ANKA wallet will be processed and approved every Wednesday, and the cost associated with it will be 2%.

7) Replacing the Visa Afrikrea card

As of January 05, 2022, the costs of remanufacturing cards will change:

  • The anticipated remanufacturing of Afrikrea Prepaid Visa cards will be charged 10 €

  • If you are interested in the Afrikrea card please fill in this form :

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