The advantages of the Afrikrea card

The Afrikrea card will allow you to meet many of your needs:

Make immediate payouts on your VISA card

You will have the ability to instantly credit your card via your ANKA wallet, then withdraw the money anywhere in the world.

If you still do not have your Afrikrea card, please make your request by filling the form here :

Easily circulate your funds around the world

- The funds on your card can be used in Africa and internationally

- Your card will allow you to make purchases in physical and online simply

- You do not have a SEPA account but you can simplify your administrative procedures and reduce your transaction costs with the West

Manage your different business partners

- You can give a VISA card to your partners in Africa or around the world so that they can easily transfer their funds

- You will be able to pay your suppliers anywhere in the world, in complete security and confidentiality

- You will be able to make money transfers within Africa or from Africa to the outside at a lower cost

Optimize the management of your business

- You will simplify your administrative procedures

- You will be able to plan and budget your activity with confidence

- Your transaction history will not go through the bank and will be adapted to your tax choices.

Below are the details of the options and costs associated with using the card:

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