Make my transfer with Orange Money

Make my Payout with Orange Money

You can now make a payout using Orange Money directly in your ANKA wallet.

When you are in your "ANKA wallet", please select "Withdraw" and then click on the green "Make a withdrawal" button.  You will be able to see the "Orange Money" option available after clicking on the "more options" entry. At this point enter your Orange Money number and your Anka password and confirm.

The payouts with Orange Money are approved and sent every Wednesday and do not include the providers fees. We do not support the fees for transfers and withdrawals, those fees will be supported by you.

Transfer fee grid

Withdrawal fee grid

NB: Note that international transfers are limited to 1 000 000 XOF per transaction.

* Lite profile: profile limited to 200,000 XOF transaction per month

* Complete profile: profile limited to 1.5 million XOF transaction per day and 10 million XOF per month

It is imperative to have an Orange number to carry out Orange money transactions, except for customers in the Ivory Coast where all networks are accepted.

We remain available at [email protected] if you need further information. You can find all the price grid here :

Credit my ANKA wallet with Orange Money

To credit your ANKA wallet with Orange Money, you have to proceed in several steps:

1) Make an Orange Money transfer on the following number: 00 225 07 47 77 17 17

2) Send a WhatsApp message on the same number specifying: 

- Your name and first name

- Your shop name

- The date, time and the amount of the transfer

3) You will then receive a confirmation message of the validation of the transfer by us on WhatsApp

4) Your wallet will then be credited

Credits on ANKA wallets via Orange Money can be made at any time.

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