Calculate your DHL package’s weight

There will be no more extra charges related to your shipping label, as the calculation of standard volumetric weight at DHL is available on Afrikrea.

You will no longer have the bad surprise of being charged a second time.

There are now 2 ways to calculate your weight.

If you are using a shipping box

Please, enter the dimensions (length, width, and height in centimeters) and the real weight of the package. 

The volumetric weight is calculated automatically according to the following formula: (length x width x and height) / 5000 per package

DHL bills the highest weight between the volumetric weight and the weight you.

If the volumetric weight is 3kg, and you entered 1.5 kg for the real weight, 3 kg will be billed.

Using a flyer

With a DHL flyer, the dimensions are calculated automatically, all you have to do is enter the real weight of the package.

To avoid confusion and error, we strongly recommend taking a photo of the package before shipping.

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