Transfer and receive your money with Nigerian Bank

With Nigerian Bank, you can:

  • Receive funds from your Nigerian bank account directly to your Afrikrea wallet in a few seconds, after validating the transaction yourself.
  • Withdraw funds starting from 3.5 euros and deposit funds from 1 euro. Note that the exchange rate is 1euro = 500 NGN
  • Deposits via Instant Bank Transfer (in ₦ only), fee 1.5%
  • Withdrawals via Instant Bank Transfer (in ₦ only), fee 1.8% 
  • Receive your transfer every Wednesday to your bank account, after making the request from your Afrikrea account. 
  • Receive an alert by message notifying you of your funds transfer.
  • Transfers to Euro/USD domiciliary accounts are not supported, they will be converted to ₦aira by your bank.
To make a withdrawal or a deposit, click first on " Wallet" button from your Afrikrea account.

A- To make a withdrawal:

1- Click on the " Withdraw" button as shown in the picture above
2- Click on " Withdraw" button a second time 

Then complete the information step by step as shown in the image below:
3- Enter the amount
4- Select Nigerian bank account as your payment method (1.8% of the amount for the withdrawal fees)
5- Enter your Nigerian bank account information
6- Enter your Afrikrea account password
7- Click on " Confirm withdrawal" button and your withdrawal request will be validated on Wednesdays. Please note that all requests received on Wednesday before 08:00 UTC in the morning will be validated the same day.

B- To make a deposit:

1- Click on the " Deposit" button in your "Wallet" section. 

Then, complete the information step by step as shown in the image below.

2- Enter the amount to deposit
3- Select Nigerian Bank Account as your payment method (1.5% of the amount for deposit fees)
4- Enter your phone number 
5- Click on the " Pay" button

6- Make a bank transfer to the indicated bank details. Please note that these bank details are valid for 30 minutes.
7- Once you have completed the bank transfer, click on " Finalize Transaction" button and your deposit will be credited instantly to your Afrikrea wallet!

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