The difference between Afrikrea and ANKA

Afrikrea is the online store on the website.  Afrikrea is a sales channel and a service of the ANKA offer. ANKA is a subscription that offers several services: shipping, payment and order management via an online store and a personal website.

The Afrikrea marketplace is a part of the ANKA offer which are on the same platform (for the moment). You can choose to use only a specific service of the ANKA offer without any obligation to sell on our different sales channels. For example, you can generate shipping labels or collect payments outside of Afrikrea thanks to the secure direct payment link that allows you to centralize your revenues, including those made outside of Afrikrea.

For your information, the ANKA subscription can be activated in different methods: 

  • When accepting the first sale on your online store or personal site.
  • The first time you use your wallet to receive or withdraw money.
  • Spontaneously from the "Subscription" tab of your Afrikrea account.
To learn more about our ANKA subscription, please visit our ANKA page by clicking HERE.

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