Overcharges DHL

Extra charges are fees applied by DHL when the weight or size declared at the time of waybill creation differs from the actual weight or size. When shipping a DHL parcel, extra charges may also be applied when shipping to certain risk or remote areas.

For more information on risk areas, please see this article https://aide.afrikrea.com/article/613-des-couts-supplementaires-pour-certaines-destinations
To solve this problem, Afrikrea is launching "instant rebilling" as of December 1 and the integration of DHL anticipatory surcharges during the creation of labels.
With the "instant rebilling" you will receive a daily email to inform you of the weight differences with the corresponding invoiced amount. 
To contest this weight difference, I invite you to make your dispute request within 2 days after the creation of your waybill by clicking on the link below. All the information on the bill is mandatory. Only requests with proof of the dimensions of the parcel will be taken into account.
With the integration of DHL's anticipatory surcharges during waybill creation (Remote Area, Elevated Risk, Oversize, Overweight), there will no longer be a monthly rebilling if the correct dimensions are indicated during creation.
These charges are automatically debited from the seller's wallet when DHL invoices shipments. An email is also sent to the email address attached to the shop with a detailed file of the slips affected by these surcharges.
If a large number of your slips are affected, don't hesitate to come back to us by e-mail at [email protected] and we will send you a file to complete.
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