Ship your parcels with the Economy provider from Nigeria

With the " Economy " offer, it is now possible to ship all parcels up to 5KG to the USA from Nigeria at a lower cost.

How does it work? 

  • Create the delivery note as shown below
  • Deposit the package in the warehouse at the following address 
  • Print and attach the delivery note to the package 

40 Anite Crescent Off
Adeyemi Kuforiji Lane
+234 812 990 529

Once the parcel has been delivered, the carrier will inform the Anka Logistics team that the parcel has been picked up in order to track its delivery. For all questions about the tracking, please contact directly the customer service at [email protected]
The delivery time varies between 10 and 21 days maximum


Creating a label in 6 quick steps: 

1. Go to the "Delivery" tab in your Anka space and click on "New delivery note".
2. Indicate the delivery address, size and weight of the package. Please note that this carrier will only be offered if the delivery address is in the USA.

3. Choose the "Economy" offer.  The address of the warehouse where the parcel should be delivered will be displayed automatically. Click on the "Proceed to customs" button

4. Enter the actual value of the contents of the parcel and a description of the products and click on "Proceed to payment". Be sure to indicate the real value of the package and a detailed description of the items transported in order to limit the verifications by the customs services. 

5. Choose your payment method and click on "Pay".
6. Once the payment has been made, print the label.Here is an example of a label. The label summarises the information and recommendations for correct delivery. Stick the label on the parcel and deliver it to the warehouse address from Monday to Friday from 8am to 4pm.
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